Our method

Ojalá Madrid, Premium Spanish classes

Attention to the students’ real interests and needs

In Ojalá Madrid we take into consideration our students’ characteristics. Their professional and personal needs are the focal point in programming every class session. Throughout the learning process we monitor the evolution of each student to enhance their strengths and detect improvement areas.


In the professional field, our classes can focus on different areas (diplomatic, business, juridical, commercial, sportive, etc.).

Development of the different language communicative activities

In our lessons we work with all of the language communicative activities (oral and written expression, understanding and interaction). The aim is to achieve real and effective communication both in professional and social environments.

Classes in the student’s workplace or home

Due to our clients’ characteristics, all of the on-site classes are given in the students’ workplace or home. Our timetables are flexible and adaptable to our students’ needs and demands. We offer classes in Madrid and its surroundings.


Due to the current circumstances, one of our most popular services are online lessons. Our sessions, taught through various online platforms, offer our students an adapted teaching experience, focusing on their needs, timetables and interests.


The commitment of punctuality is one of our main hallmarks.